Science Laboratory
The school has well-equipped laboratory. The high school students are encouraged to develop their scientific temper through frequent use of the lab.

Computer Education
Information Technology is the trend of the hour. At Valerian, the computer training is now an integral part of education.

Games and Sports
Games and sports are an integral part of education here. Students are primarily taught the value of physical fitness and are also encouraged to participate in games and sports in the spirit of true sportsmanship. We offer training in various games & sports disciplines like cricket, football, volleyball, basketball and athletics during school hour and after school hours. Our students have won many laurels and we acknowledge all the students who made us proud by winning various tournaments in Zonal, District and National levels.

Club Activities
Club Activities include Literary, Art & Painting, Music, General Knowledge, Maths, Science, Social, Computer and games and sports. The students are encouraged to express themselves in writing and speaking. Various inter-house competitions such as dramatics, elocution, Quiz, group singing are conducted regularly.

Activity Day
Valerian provides enough opportunities for all the students to have 'All round development towards excellence' through various activities.We consider every Saturday as Activity Day. On this day every student should participate in Karate, Yoga, Dance, Music, Arts & Cultural Education because we believe that Activity Day is "Exercise for the body and Healing for the mind".

Valerian has an attached hostel facility for boys. It can accomodate nearly 200 students.

Our staff is our biggest asset at VGHS. The school has a team of qualified and dedicated staff, committed to the task of fostering a highly inspired atmosphere where students can pursue excellence in areas of their choice. All members of the teaching staff are well trained and many of them are trained graduates and post-graduates.